The Luminos Duo

Fritz & Julie Weber

Julie and I spent many years playing in jazz bands, rock bands, classical orchestras, churches, and providing music for weddings and memorials. When the pandemic hit, we decided to focus on our duo. We completely revamped our repertoire with songs that are appropriate for places like garden parties and wineries. Julie is now doing most of the vocals, along with playing her rosewood C flute, her alto flute, bongos and percussion. I have returned to playing my digital grand piano only, while still singing on some songs.

Much of our material could be described as latin/jazz, including our originals. The rest are songs from other genres that fit the repertoire, while adding variety. They are all kept short and provide a gently uplifting and lively atmosphere. We hope you will consider us as a complement to your event.

Luminos the band
  While we are working as a duo now, we are still available to play as a band. We have a large repertoire of songs by other artists as well as original songs. The result is a lively, danceable music with bouncy rhythms.

(503) 245-5055

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