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"Fritz Weber is a talented composer/multi-instrumentalist who leads the group called Luminos. The music that they make is a diverse mix between jazz, rock, classical, blues, and ever lively Caribbean music.
There is no question that Manzanita Moon is a solid representation of Weber's musical prowess. Having crafted these 10 original tracks, he is able to showcase his different skills in playing music. The band is complemented well with what the album aims to achieve - a musical compilation that is fresh, entertaining, deep, and flavorful."
from Jazz Corner.com review of Manzanita Moon

"Luminos always contributes fun, class, and professionalism to our events"
Emily Beleele, Wild Bill's Events
"Julie and Fritz always bring a happy, hip-moving atmosphere. Their music makes people very happy, we hear it from our customers every time they perform."
Eeva, owner - DragonFire Gallery
"Thank you again Fritz and Julie. Your performance was fabulous!! The residents have been commenting how fun and upbeat it was. Happy New Year and I will be in touch for a future big event."
Janet Trueb, The Springs.
" Your love of music radiated through the crowd and made everyone feel happy."
Bob and Cheryl Dexter, garden parties
"One of the things my customers especially liked about Fritz Weber & Luminos was that the band was having a lot of fun, too."
Terry McGowan, owner - Bleachers Bar
"One of the outstanding traits of this group is how well they blend and balance their sound."
Bonnie Carter, Positively Entertainment
"Luminos is apt to play just about anything. The group's song list covers diverse sources."
John Wendeborn, The Oregonian

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